I am not even sure where to start with all of this, other then at the beginning.  This time around we felt so much more knowledgeable and confident dealing with the injury and the brace.  Although, you never know how it will go when you are dealing with a different dog and a totally different personality. 🙂  The last time it was with our lab and they tend to be pleasers.  He let us do whatever we wanted and did not put up much of a fuss.  This time is was with our westie, which as many who have owned them know, are not so easy!  They are extremely stubborn and do whatever they want.  So when we received the brace we already had prepared for a more difficult process.  Luckily, we were familiar with the brace this time around and understood how to put it on and fit it correctly.  So with Steve and i together we got the brace on Buddy and crossed our fingers that it would be as much of a miracle as in the past.




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