So it has been almost a year since we last posted on buddy’s recovery! A lot has happened in a year and we knew we needed to update everyone on how he is doing. When we last posted a year ago he was showing improvement and back playing. We did have a little set back about 6 months ago when we went out of town and forgot the brace at home. We had taken Buddy with us to our lake house and meant to bring the brace to keep on him anytime he was walking or playing. We have been using the brace for when Buddy will be very active and until that point he had not been without it. So we hoped that he would not play too hard but we were wrong! He was running on the beach and in the water and was playing with another dog and all of a sudden he came back limping. I was so aggravated that we had forgotten the brace one time and then he had to hurt himself. So we got back home and right away back into the brace Buddy went. We started just like in the beginning with the stiff rods and kept him in it 24/7 with just a little short break every 2 days. We were amazed to see that even the second time around within a few days he was back to bearing weight again and walking better. We kept up with the protocol and were patient. The second time it did take longer for the same progress as the first time but we saw improvement. After, 10 weeks of being in the brace he was almost back to where we had him again. We decided this time to keep him in it a little longer, so we added two more weeks for a total of 12 weeks. It has now been about 3 months since then and he is doing great again. We keep the brace for anytime he will be active and never again do we forget it when we take him somewhere or on a trip! I was so surprised and relieved that the brace not only helped us not once but twice and we are not going to push our luck with a third time. We also know that it has been a year and we still have not had his other leg become injured, which happens in so many cases with this injury. I believe strongly that this brace played a big role in that and I am so thankful for it. So for now Buddy and the family are happy again and we hopefully will not have any new excitement to tell you about.

Stephen & Laura

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