An Update on Buddy – A-TraC Dynamic Brace


It has been a while since we last updated you on our dog Buddy’s progress with the A-TraC Dynamic Brace. Our last update was a year into his treatment and as I explained then, we did have a setback. After that setback Buddy was wearing his brace anytime we did anything active likes walks or the dog park or the beach. We have continued that till now and still believe it is the best way to protect him.

Buddy is doing great and we have not had any further setbacks in his treatment. He goes for his daily walks on the leash as well as going to the dog park with his friends a few times a week. Buddy looks very stylish in his red and black A-TraC Dynamic Brace and we get many questions and compliments from other dog owners as well. There seems to always be at least one person at the park that comes up to me to ask about the brace since their dog has a torn ACL. I am glad I can be a walking advertisement for this brace that has given my dog his happiness back as well as my own. I can also help other people that are in the situation I have been many times before, where I am overwhelmed and confused and do not know who to listen too or what to do.

If I can give anyone starting out on this journey one piece of advice it would be to have lots of patience. This will be as I said before a journey and not a quick fix. There are no quick fixes with this injury, not surgery, conservative treatment alone or with a brace. No matter which path and treatment you choose this will take time and patience if you want the best results. I wish you all good luck on your journey!


All the best;

Stephen & Laura


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